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September 27, 2017

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Difficult, but necessary call

- Rex Tooley, Shepparton

China is highly-regarded internationally as a responsible world power.

China is to be congratulated for working with the world, via the United Nations security council, to restrict North Korean nuclear capabilities by way of tough sanctions.

For China, this was a difficult, but necessary decision because the United States has already advised it does not seek regime change, does not wish to unify the Korean peninsula and its people unless arranged peacefully by agreement later, but to maintain the peace if possible.

The US, Australia and other nations have a close trade and peoples relations with China and the mutual respect and co-operation is strong and the relationship invaluable to all nations for peaceful world prosperity and progress.

North Korea and its ugly dictator cannot be allowed to threaten world or regional peace.

If North Korea continues to bombard the surrounding regional seas with more missile launches, it would finally be a defensive measure to intercept and destroy them. And correctly.

So this cannot be allowed to continue.

But China needs to be consulted if there is such a change in policy.

My warm best wishes are extended to China and its great people, I hope this crisis can be resolved without war.

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