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September 21, 2017

News reader Maggie Turner-Miguel says regular testing for drivers in a broad range of age brackets could be effective for road safety.

Go for regular driving tests

- Maggie Turner-Miguel, Shepparton

Victoria does not have a test for drivers to complete when they reach a certain age (News “Tough talk to have”, 18/9); it is a tricky talk to tackle.

Taking something away from somebody without adequate replacement of a suitable alternative is inappropriate whatever the issue is.

In the case of this issue alternatives are not always there as your report indicates.

Family members are not readily available and relatives are not always able to manage to fit into another person’s time schedule.

Aside from the ‘‘elderly’’ being assessed, this article prompts broader thinking. I am unable to see why regular re-testing or assessing of all drivers should not occur.

I don’t see elderly drivers using mobile phones while driving. They do not have music blasting from the car drowning out signals from emergency vehicles.

Not sure they use their vehicles for burnouts or donuts. Regular testing across the board could be extremely effective.

Road traffic has massively increased in recent years and neither road maintenance nor road rules have kept pace.

Many people obtain a licence without doing a road test and without knowing road rules (my Spanish niece did exactly that).

Even pedestrians are in danger in the city because of blatant disregard to hook-turn rules.

There is a much bigger picture here than meets the eye, but the people in power need to remove the blinkers and become proactive.

Heavy price for peace

- Jiri Kolenaty, Rushworth

Australia has won the war, but is losing the peace.

Many Australians want Australia to remain a united nation.

But there is a constantly increasing pressure from ethnic groups and foreign business cartels to make Australia multinational.

Pauline Hanson has done more harm than good to the One Nation movement.

She was too ambitious and wanted to lead on her own.

Her unsuccessful attempt has retarded the One Nation and helped to advance the multinational movement.

Another drawback is that our political parties are deadlocked and letting migrants in, to get extra votes.

Some of the newcomers are bringing their fights and differences in Australia and becoming a growing threat to our security.

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