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September 20, 2017

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Say ‘no’ to class discrimination

- Kevin Saxton, Shepparton

I feel that I must make some comments on Monday’s highs and lows of wages for the region.

Firstly, Australia’s average wage is so grossly overstated. Wikipedia says that the national average salary is the mean salary of the working population of a nation.

It is calculated by summing all the annual salaries of all persons in work and dividing by the total number of workers.

How is this a fair average, the last CEO of Australia Post earned in excess of $5 million a year, a footballer recently was secured for over a million a year for, I think, five years.

Take into account the CEO of Qantas, the Commonwealth Bank, etc, etc, and include these obscene salaries with the working man on around $50-60K a year and divide it by the number of workers and say that this is average, is that fair?

To achieve an accurate average wage for the bread-and-butter workers in Australia only workers earning up to, say, $200K should be averaged. This will give a more realistic average wage.

Labour love these figures because it gives them inflated figures to push for wage increases that business cannot always afford. Then take the average of all salaries over $200k and divide by the number of workers in that region and they will see how far in front of the true average wage they are.

And, secondly, we have many large salary earners who are in the realistic higher income working in and around our great city.

There are many business owners and workers who earn healthy salaries and most professionally qualified people are in the same category.

We are well catered for by these sufficiently qualified people and I do not see the requirement to have an equally qualified person, who is on some obscene salary move into the area to do the same job as our existing people.

I believe we have high-quality facilities here now, we have good schools, good connectivity, good sporting, art and cultural facilities and one of the best multicultural functioning communities in Australia.

I fail to see where we can justify importing a person or persons into our community to do a job that a competent person is already doing just because they are paid more money.

I do not believe that we have class discrimination in Shepparton, so why encourage it?

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