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September 15, 2017

The News welcomes letters to the editor.

Freedom to choose

- Rex Tooley, Shepparton

Same sex attraction and marriage is to my mind unusual — but freedom of choice is a must, and there should be no barriers to the rights of gay people to live their lives in the way they prefer.

In short, it really is none of our damn business anyway.

And further, gay rights are a threat to no-one in the community, gay people are generally productive and good citizens.

It is stupid to deny gay rights.

Union of marriage while also a personal right, should be a freedom of right choice for all the community.

I cannot imagine why homosexuality occurs, or how same-sex couples are attracted to each other, but it is an ancient established reality, better we recognise this now and allow the gay community equal rights, and freedom of choice.

Pull together

- Jiri Kolenaty, Rushworth

When I was young we were using a pair of horses to pull carts, ploughs and other implements.

But unless they started pulling at the same time, they had trouble moving heavy loads.

They would charge forward in turns, without any result.

The same thing seems to be happening on the political scene.

Parties are not pulling together and annulling each other’s efforts.

Subsequently instead of advancing, the country keeps going back.

Repairs done

- Wendy Watters, Shepparton

In December 2015, while out on a walk from Howitt Rd to Tarcoola on the walking track by the Goulburn River, I had a fall at the bridge near Tarcoola.

I rang the council and after contacting Cr Fern Summer, a ‘‘Band-Aid’’ repair was done.

The planks across were uneven to walk on and some were rotting.

I kept contacting the council and eventually two staff from the works department met me at the site.

They explained what they would do to make this area safe again to walk on.

Mark Little, who is in the works department, kept me informed on the progress of the repairs because there was some delay in securing the material required.

We are always quick to complain when we feel something is not right, so I would like to say thanks for a job well done.

The new surface is safe now for walkers and cyclists.

‚óŹThis is an unedited repeat of a letter originally published on August 23.

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