Kids learn values at home

September 11, 2017

Congupna Primary School Year 3 student Charlie Gauci.

It is wonderful to see young people developing a social conscience and helping others who may have fallen upon hard times.

Too often the youth of today are regarded as self-involved and ignorant of what is happening in the world, but children such as Congupna Primary School Year 3 student Charlie Gauci, 9, prove this is not the case.

Although Charlie is young, he took the time to stop and help a homeless man and, along with his mother, Tracy, sat and listened to the man as he explained why he no longer had a place to live.

Many people older than Charlie would not have done this, they may not have even noticed the man sitting there. Charlie displayed a great deal of empathy and maturity in his actions and it is important to note that homelessness is something about which his parents have talked to him in the past.

Indeed Mrs Gauci said Charlie had seen homeless people when he had visited Melbourne and so they had always tried to have an open conversation with him about the issue. ‘‘I think it’s really important because it’s a big issue and it’s important that you talk to your kids about these issues because they see it, I think it’s something that can’t be hidden,’’ Mrs Gauci said. Perhaps it is because Charlie’s parents have talked to him about homelessness that Charlie is eager to help others. It is important to educate children about social issues such as homelessness and not shy away from topics that may seem difficult or hard to explain when children have questions. This way, children have a greater understanding about the world around them and hopefully maintain an open and adaptable mind as they grow older.

Homelessness is a serious issue impacting our community, but if we all take the time to care about it we can help improve someone else’s life and continue to put the issue at the forefront of policy-makers’ minds like Charlie has.

Homeless need help: Page 3.

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