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September 05, 2017

Letter writer Robert Dodds is in favour of moves to revitalise Shepparton's Maude St Mall.

Outlandish is unnecessary

- Robert Dodds, Shepparton

Can anyone please inform me as to why The News columnist John Gray is always making negative outlandish comments as to the Maude St Mall revitalisation?

His latest outburst is of concern for the city council’s loss of revenue if free timed parking was introduced in the mall.

John, how do towns which provide free timed parking (Mooroopna, Yarrawonga, Benalla and Church St, Brighton just to name a few) survive without this cash grab? If the mall is to regain its vibrance and attract back shoppers, we require positive thinking and action, not your constant Gray (sic) area of negative remarks.

Opening the mall to slow-moving two-way traffic and free timed parking is not the silver bullet to solve this problem but it is a step in the right direction.

In my opinion, to attract people to the mall we need:

1.slow-moving two-way traffic between Fryers and High Sts;

2.free timed parking in the mall and multi-deck car park;

3.create a full-blown supermarket adjacent to the multi-deck car park. This would obviously draw people to the mall/CBD. We all have to visit supermarkets weekly.

How can the CBD compete with the Marketplace, Riverside Plaza and IGA complexes, all of which have free and ample parking?

So how about it, John?

Some positive spin on the mall, not your usual controversial, headline-grabbing garb.

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