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September 01, 2017

The burnt-out Shepparton Hotel is eye-sore in Shepparton's CBD, but is well positioned to be converted into accommodation and eatery opposite the new Shepparton Law Courts, says Maggie Turner.

Time to decide

- Maggie Turner-Miguel, Shepparton

The coming new SAM depicted in your paper on August 17 looked impressive, as does the redevelopment of the Shepparton Law Courts.

The idea of a taller city is supported by Shepparton’s mayor and ‘‘one of Shepparton’s key planners’’, and yet progress for our central business district remains at a standstill and the light at the end of the tunnel seems to be dimming.

Encouraging inner-city living is a positive idea, although not while we have the constant presence of B-doubles and semi-trailers.

Dare I mention that the Shepparton Hotel is still an eyesore on a main corner.

This building is in the perfect position to be converted into accommodation and eatery for visiting legal teams and/or witnesses who are required to attend court.

Council could be seen in such a positive light if only there was some proactive decisions made and much has been offered and so far ignored from local people with a good history of business acumen. Council fails miserably when it comes to making decisions and they continue to procrastinate while calling for more consultative assessments which is always a very costly exercise paid for by ratepayers.

‘No’ to gay marriage

- John Newton, Kialla

I take exception to the push of ‘‘gay marriage’’ with ‘‘liberal’’ supporters like Frank Purcell. (News, August 28).

He is the ‘‘fruit’’ of a secular world — and where does he get his figures from? It is only natural that there will be people with different views but what do they base them on?

Frank is not setting a moral example for people to follow because he is ‘‘lukewarm’’ and Jesus had a bit to say about that (Rev 3:15, 16). As a fundamentalist, I base my beliefs on what the Bible teaches because it is a truth far beyond the wisdom of man.

If we call ourselves ‘‘Christian’’ we bear the name of Christ and in doing so we have to believe what he teaches and gay marriage is not a part of it.

The Bible is full of warnings of what will happen to those who tread the path of secularism and human reasoning (1 Tim 1:10).

It also warns us to ‘‘judge and expose false teachers’’.

These warnings need to be taken seriously because most churches will not warn its people. Rome and Babylon fell on its morals because they became immoral like they did in the days of Noah.

Yes, gay marriage will go on with two fathers and two mothers, but at what cost?

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