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August 17, 2017

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Same-sex poll

- Peter Hall, Mooroopna

I am confused now, John, wasn’t a plebiscite decided by our delegated elected representatives (The News, August 11)?

They considered the importance of this issue and demanded the nation should be consulted.

Bill Shorten even agreed up until he saw a political opportunity to further fragment our nation. This is the problem; while politicians like Shorten take the special-interest group path to power, they divide our country and reduce important issues like this into opportunities to demean and label people who have legitimate but different views.

Opus Dei? (I had to look that up!) Australia is a secular nation, sure we are haunted by a religious moral framework but, unfortunately, this has largely been abandoned and our moral compass is wildly spinning in circles.

Politicians ride it, trying to hang on to electoral victory. I would like them to have a thoughtful, reasoned debate and lead our nation. This is currently an impossibility as according to Shorten’s bigoted view, those for marriage as currently understood, are all homophobes and haters. No debate here!

There is no discussion about why governments have marriage laws, only one liners about the need to certify romantic desires.

Shouldn’t we at least discuss the basic questions about what marriage is and why governments regulate it? No, not on Shorten’s watch. This is obviously beyond the grasp of average Aussies, way too sophisticated for any but the elite.

While political debate lives in the shallows of sloganeering and alternative views are not tolerated, derided as being white bread 1950s stuff, there is no honest discussion.

Australians deserve better than that.

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