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June 28, 2017

Students at St Mary’s Primary School will donate blankets and jackets to St Vincent de Paul as part of the organisations Winter Appeal.

Every night, thousands of homeless Victorians are forced to sleep out in the freezing cold.

Some are hungry and some move from couch to couch with no stable place to live.

Sadly Greater Shepparton is no exception and with winter now upon us it’s more important than ever for us to do more than just spare a thought for those living in rough conditions.

Sometimes we don’t see what’s right in front of us, but there are many who go to bed hungry and some who don’t even have a bed to go to.

Advertisements often ask us to donate money, clothes or other items to those in need but how many of us follow through and do this?

It is good to see schools educating young people about homelessness and encouraging them to give back to their community.

Mooroopna’s St Mary’s Primary School and the town’s St Vincent de Paul have teamed up as part of the organisation’s Winter Appeal.

This annual event will see students donate a blanket or a jacket to St Vincent de Paul, which will pass the clothes on to the region’s needy.

The school has even got Woolworths on board to donate a quantity of food to the organisation.

Food and clothes may seem like basic items for many of us, but to those who have very little they can mean a world of difference.

Organisations such as Shepparton Foodshare and People Supporting People are playing key roles in helping those in our community survive.

According to Shepparton Foodshare, food demand is up 15 per cent from last year, which shows there is a greater need for this service.

But groups and organisations are not the only ones who can lend a hand to those in need.

Individuals can play a role by donating clothes, money and time to help others.

If we all chip in just a little we can contribute to improving the lives of those who are struggling.

So when you get into your warm, comfortable bed tonight, think about what you can do to help someone.

It might seem like nothing to you but it could mean everything to someone else.

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