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June 14, 2017

The News presents some of the biggest issues our community faces — and we want to know what you think.

Population pollution

- Jiri Kolenaty,


We have to try hard to reduce the amount of pollution that we are creating.

But this alone is not going to solve the problem.

This is because pollution is directly related to the population, which keeps doubling at an ever increasing rate.

Before humans populated Earth, there was no pollution. It developed later on, as the number of humans kept on increasing.

Cities are growing fast and producing an enormous amount of waste.

Millions of gallons of sewage are being discharged in water streams daily.

Creeks, rivers, oceans and land have become polluted to a great extent.

Even the space around the Earth has become full of floating junk.

But politicians are dodging the sensitive issue of birth control, because it could cause them loss of votes and power.

Nature has its own cruel ways to keep the number of living creatures down.

But we have learned how to counter them and prolong the span of our lives.

Unless people become more mature and limit the number of their children voluntarily, many of them will die in riots, revolutions and wars.

In some overpopulated countries people are starving and fighting for survival already.

Many of them are leaving and trying to get into countries that are more prosperous and peaceful.

But this is not the right way to overcome the problems.

If it is allowed to continue, all countries will become overpopulated and suffer the same misery.

Have they lost the plot?

- Andrew Bock, 


A few months ago Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull went on a rant about Australian values, but couldn’t name any.

Not even the idea of an egalitarian society, a cultural melting pot or the fair go — all things our politicians are often talking about.

A few weeks later, Treasurer Scott Morrison released a budget that has been labelled as ‘Labor-lite’.

Instead of claiming victory, Bill Shorten and Labor have been arguing against some of the very measures they proposed in the recent past.

Today, Mr Turnbull is urging migrants to become patriots — a term I’ve only heard used publicly by Americans and the odd Australian white-supremacist.

The major party politicians don’t seem to know who they are and they certainly don’t know who we are.

No wonder we — as a populace — are turning towards independents and minor parties.

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