Fiji rugby fans are the best

June 14, 2017

Fiji rugby fans are the best in the world.

Sitting at the Australia versus Fiji rugby game on Saturday in Melbourne near some vocal Fijian fans turned out to be my best decision of the weekend.

Actually it was more that they sat near us to be honest but it was fortunate all the same because it provided plenty of entertainment.

From the start, the Fijian group of about 30, some two rows behind, were barracking loudly for their team and, as the game progressed, they began singing and drumming.

I’m not sure what they were singing but it was so melodic with the chairs used as a makeshift drum.

It wasn’t a repetitive chant or aggressive roaring and it really lifted the stadium or at least the end I was sitting in.

The Fijian fans further down in the stands also started joining in the chorus, creating an amazing atmosphere.

It was like they had rehearsed before the game and once they started singing they didn’t stop with different songs sung with passion.

There were smiles all around and many people had stopped watching the game to see where this ‘‘professional’’ choir came from — cameras were out filming.

This was all happening while Australia raced to a 15-0 lead and was well on top from the start of the game but these guys were still in such a joyous mood.

I’ve been to many sporting games, whether it be rugby, rugby league, soccer or Aussie Rules, and often if the opposition team scores first the wind gets sucked out of the supporters and they lose their voice.

Well no one told the Fijians that because they were boisterous to the end.

It got me thinking Fijian rugby fans are the best fans in the world.

They cheered passionately for their team and were so excited as soon as a Fijian made a big hit, made a line-break or scored a try, but still sang even when their team was down in the dumps.

Although sitting with opposition fans, not once did I feel intimidated or unsafe, something you cannot always say of some games.

Fiji I think will be a second favourite team in the eyes of many purely because of their fans.

If you have the chance to see them in either 15-a-side or seven-a-side format of rugby go for it.

Declan Martin is a News journalist.

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