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June 03, 2016

Student choice

Australia’s 2.2 million private higher education and training students are being urged to stand up for choice during the federal election campaign.

Private higher education and training delivers jobs and growth in cities, towns and rural communities across Australia, and provides nationally accredited and portable qualifications that help grow our economy.

About 57 per cent of vocational education and training students in Victoria choose to study with a private provider.

However, vocational education and training in particular is under threat from reactionary policy changes that punish quality private providers, their students and industry.

Suggestions of at least 70 per cent of public funding directed to government-run TAFEs, an arbitrary cap on student training loans and government choosing which courses will be funded, and at what price, can only lead to more public policy failure in our training system. Students must be able to choose the course they want and the provider they want to deliver it.

Students, parents, teachers and industry need to send a message to all political parties that student choice counts when it comes to quality education and training.

Rod Camm, Chief executive, Australian Council for Private Education and Training

Radical criticism

For a long time I have been voicing my concerns about fifth column (Trojan horse) forming in Australia.

While our soldiers are fighting overseas, some hostile radicals are slipping in amid the migrants and asylum seekers.

They are being assisted to some extent by idealistic Australians, former country persons, politicians seeking votes and retired politicians, who want to gain fame as international state-persons.

Often it is the genuine migrants, who are sick of fighting and want to live in peace, that keep restraining radicals from committing hostile acts.

Yet they are the ones who suffer most from the adverse publicity.

Jiri Kolenaty, Rushworth

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