Can’t fool voters

May 24, 2016

The Nationals’ Darren Chester’s sarcastic Twitter response to Martin Richardson’s legitimate questions on the parliamentary record of the Nationals candidate (Letter to the Editor, Shepparton News Friday, May 20) highlights the arrogance of the National Party and their belief they have already won the Federal Seat of Murray at the upcoming election.

Fortunately, sarcasm from Mr Chester won’t distract the voters of Murray from realising the poor record of advocacy Damien Drum has delivered in 10 years as the State Member for Northern Victoria.

Maybe an enterprising News journalist should research how many times in those 10 years Mr Drum has mentioned the words ‘‘Shepparton bypass’’ or ‘‘alternative route’’ in State Parliament (answer: zero, nought, zilch).

Or maybe how many times Mr Drum has uttered in Hansard the word ‘‘football’’ (542 times) compared to ‘‘GV Health’’ (eight times).

Being well known and a good bloke does not erase 10 years of neglect by Mr Drum of Shepparton, the Goulburn Valley and the entire Murray electorate.

And sarcastic responses from National Party MPs will not distract the voters of Murray from closely examining Mr Drum’s poor performance as our parliamentary representative at state level. We are a lot smarter than that.

Submitted by - Jason Kelly, Shepparton 

Damage control

There is no government, that is perfect. But it would be wrong to blame the present Coalition government for any economic hardships.

It is trying to repair the damage caused by the previous Labor government.

Many of Labor politicians have been representatives, or associates of workers unions.

They have very little of financial knowhow, or economic responsibility.

All they are doing is pushing for higher wages, better conditions and more of free handouts.

This does appeal to the general public and increases Labor’s popularity.

Don’t get me wrong, I too like an easy way of life and free handouts. But we have to draw a line somewhere, otherwise all of Australia will become foreign owned.

What we leave to our future generations will be a huge debt, that will make them slaves of foreign capitalists.

Socialism is a great humanitarian movement, as long as it matched up with reality.

But when it becomes too strong, it has an adverse effect on private enterprise and public finances.

Global recession keeps on increasing due mainly to the unrealistic demands of socialistic regimes.

Submitted by - Jiri Kolenaty, Rushworth

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