Hospital praise

May 17, 2016

Hospital praise

Could the Shepparton hospital be one of the best in the state?

At 8.15am on Friday, May 13, I had a very sudden pain in my chest (8/10), it did ease somewhat while my wife drove me to the hospital emergency department. Within a couple of minutes I had been admitted into the emergency room.

After many tests from the ECG, to a blood test and X-ray, by 10.30am I had been informed all was okay, but another blood test was needed at 2pm plus the waiting time for a result, therefore I cannot leave for another four to five hours minimum, so to fill in the time I watched the passing parade of doctors, nurses, and all the other staff that make up a hard working team of professionals. I say this because from the time I was admitted to the GV Base the genuine care/sympathy and empathy from all that looked after me was just amazing.

My time at the GV Base Hospital was seven hours, no time getting in but a long time spent to make sure I was okay before leaving.

I therefore say to all that are patients at the GV Base Hospital to have patience, with a hospital that is understaffed, therefore overworked but still so caring.

Submitted by--Peter Duggan, Kialla

Funding say

As a long standing volunteer in our Visitors’ Information Centre (25 years) I have, on many occasions, had to explain to our visitors why Shepparton was apparently the only city of our size that did not have a botanic garden.

Now it gives me great pleasure to invite visitors to visit our developing Australian Botanic Gardens Shepparton.

Many of these visitors take time to return to let us know what a wonderful project this is. Music to my ears, as I know that we are on the ‘‘right track’’ and that, in a few short years, we will have an attraction that will become a ‘‘must-see’’ focal point for visitors from far and wide.

The day will come when the lake will just be a part of a wider tourism centre. The lake, the new world-class SAM and a short stroll across to the Australian Botanic Gardens Shepparton.

How much income this will bring into Shepparton can only be estimated by that old adage, ‘How long is a piece of string’? When this period of Shepparton’s history is being written, councillors who supported this vision will be remembered fondly.

I, along with most sensible citizens, will be trusting our council to keep the ball rolling by maintaining the current level of funding. Concerned citizens should make a budget submission that has to be to council by May 20. Submission forms available on council’s web site.

Submitted by--Bill Brown, Shepparton

Lack of respect

If the Liberal candidate for Murray wants to attach himself to the coat tails of a deceased war hero, he should at least have the decency and attention to detail to get the soldier’s name right.

Mr McGauchie’s election web site has a photograph of Captain Albert Chalmers Borella VC but misspells his name.

I must say that I find it distressing, bordering on offensive, for a political candidate to attempt to gain advantage from the sterling service rendered to Australia in both world wars by a man who died nearly 50 years ago.

Submitted by--Bill Baxter, Rutherglen

Income debate

Looking through the paper it seems to be full of stories about dairy farmers and the effect on their income by the loss of 60 cents in their milk price.

The loss seems to be between $100 000 and $200 000, it depends on different farmers. I was very surprised that the loss of 60 cents translated into such a large amount and that gave me the idea to do some sums to find out what their income is.

If 60 cents equal to $100 000 then $5 is equal to 500c divided by 60c is 8.33 times $100 000 is $833 000.

In the case of farmers that claim to have lost $200 000 their income would be 8.33 times $200 000 is $1.6 million dollars and this is after they lost $100 000 and $200 000 respectively.

Now if the figures they have given us are true then I think they are or should be doing pretty well and have nothing to cry poor about. I don’t think that they are making that kind of money and their actions leave a sour taste in my mouth, you make up your own mind.

Submitted by--Peter Graus, Mooroopna

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