Weight watch now way of life

May 05, 2016

For just about the first time in my life, I’m having to pay close attention to watching my weight.

When raising the issue with friends and family in recent times, I have mostly been told I have nothing to worry about and that I may be mistaken about my supposed weight gain.

But I know my work trousers and shirts have been fitting tighter than usual in recent months and that pairs of casual jeans have just about been rendered useless as I can no longer get them on.

With that in mind, I decided to bite the bullet last week and go and purchase a set of bathroom scales.

But while I won’t go into specifics, let’s just say the numbers don’t lie.

It’s a completely new feeling for me because I’ve always been the skinny kid.

It even earned me the unwanted nickname Sticks when I started playing club cricket at under-15 level.

The name was coined during my first training session with Lindisfarne Cricket Club in my home city of Hobart and it stuck.

After graduating from university and starting in my first career job, I earned the nickname of Pipes, a not-so-subtle dig at my lack of physique.

Unfortunately being slight in stature meant I was not destined for great success when I tried my hand on the field of Australian Rules football.

My career achievements on the oval field are hardly dazzling. I managed eight reserves matches and kicked one goal.

I did enjoy the experience though and can lay claim to having played on the unique gravel oval at Queenstown on Tasmania’s rugged West Coast.

But back to the weight gain and it appears the days of being slight in stature are over.

Among other things, it means shopping trips will now see me seek out small shirt sizes rather than extra small.

I’m the kind of guy who likes dessert and having a few beers on the weekend.

Some afternoons I feel compelled to visit the vending machine at work for a Cherry Ripe and a can of Vanilla Coke.

While I like to think I mostly eat pretty healthy, I have always been able to eat what I want without consequence.

For whatever reason, that appears to have now changed and I’ll have to rein myself in.

While I’ve stacked on a few kilograms, I’m far from obese and feel I’m still well in control.

Now the challenge for me is to make sure any future weight gain is a healthy type.

I must continue to work on my motivation to make more time for cardio and make sure my home gym set is well utilised and does not simply sit around gathering dust.

Wish me luck!

Cameron Whiteley is a journalist at The News.

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